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Steven Konken -
General Contractor


Steven Konken is a Red Seal Carpenter, certified project manager, and licensed residential builder through BC Housing with over 15 years of experience in the construction industry. He got the name 4GK Construction from the many generations of skilled carpenters in his family. 

Born and raised in Grand Forks, BC, Steven followed in his family’s footsteps, working for both his Deda (Grandfather, Jack Sr.) and Father (Jack Jr.), from a young age learning the necessary skills to begin a path in carpentry. It didn’t just start there, both Stevens Pradeds (Great Grandfathers) were carpenters in the Kootenay Boundary as well. You could say William Konken & Ignas Makaeff built the way for generations to come.

We pride ourselves in bringing the most qualified individuals to all of our projects by employing Red Seal Endorsed professions, while meticulously choosing the highest quality licensed sub-trades for every one of our projects.

To deliver high quality results, on-time & on-budget, while meeting the increasing demand for construction projects.

Our Missions

To be a leading provider for all construction services for both Residential, and Commercial projects within British Columbia, while not sacrificing personalized quality.

Our Vision

We like to see value derived through customer appreciation, reliability, quality craftsmanship and project efficiency.

Our Values
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Selina Kay

Selina Kay

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Lorne Plotnikoff

Lorne Plotnikoff

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General Contractor

General Contractor